Порно фильм Phoenix Marie (164 роликов) скачать бесплатно

Год выпуска: 2010
Страна: Сша
Размер: 56.59 Гб
Описание фильма:


Вес: 64 кг.
Рост: 175 см.
Пирсинг: нет
Грудь: силикон
Цвет глаз: голубые
Размеры: 34DD-26-38
Знак зодиака: Дева
Псевдонимы: Phoenix Marizzle
Национальность: Итальянка
Цвет волос: коричневые/блондинка
Дата рождения: 21 сентября 1981 г.
Тату: Two Chinese characters right above pubes
Место рождения и жительства: Golden Valley, AZ
Начало карьеры в порно: 2007 г. - в возрасте 26 года

Phoenix Marie, also known as Phoenix Marizzle - a truly awesome name, is one of the most loved pornstars out today. She's well known for her amazing body, her huge breasts, her fantastic ass, and her bubbly, fun personality, all of which comes out in the best ways whenever she's on film. Phoenix's favorite thing to do on film is anal scenes and she prefers to fuck Cowgirl Anal. She says that the five words that best describe her are "big fucking dork loves anal."
I was born and raised in Southern California. My career began back in 2006, when I was out with some friends one night, and was approached by the bouncer of a nightclub, in the Los Angeles area. He happened to be familiar with a local talent agent. In high school, I was brainy and shy with no social graces to speak of. Back home, I re-build classic cars, own two Harley’s, a dirt bike, and am very big on outdoor and extreme sports. I had plenty of sexual ideas, but I didn't date. I read a lot, though. Things related to sex, men, and porn. I feel that being in the movies helps me develop parts of my personality that were stunted during adolescence. For example, how to socialize, how to be at a party, how to interact with members of the opposite sex, how to be a social being, how to be empathetic and caring. What turns me on in a man are his shoulders and his height. I love going to the beach and playing soccer, baseball and hockey. I hope to meet you in my members area!!!

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